Monday, May 14, 2007

All In Good Time

For many years, I've felt time as being both elongated and compressed; that I was living decades in days, and, simultaneously, that moments would stretch out like possibility for aeons. I've known about the acceleration on Earth as we shift into the 5th dimensional frequency, but what's fascinating is this report from Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn, that says time isn't speeding up; it's actually slowing down.

Michael explains that by 2012, the year prophesied as the time of ascension, we will enter an era of "no time." He says we'll then "release the concept of linear time to enter into holographic or Cosmic time. In effect, there will be no time as you know it. Linear time is an artificial construct that creates a rhythm that is not in alignment with the Cosmic pulse. Now, as you move out of this artificial construct into 'no time', you are raising frequency to the point that linear time no longer exists for you. You live in a state of total immediacy, what we will call ultimate presence. Your rational mind is learning to perceive these changes as a gradual slowing of time."

What this also means is we're becoming magnificent instant manifesters. Michael adds, "As you align with the Cosmic pulse, you will also align more fully with your inner Light and Divinity, and your ability to create and manifest. And, since you are manifesting at an increased rate, it will appear as if time is speeding up."

Not surprisingly, and as I've logged here before, this dimensional shift can wreak havoc with our 3-D space suits, causing symptoms such as:
• anxiety
• depression
• exhaustion
• disorientation
• anger or displaced rage

The solution is still going with the flow. Drink lots of pure water, be in nature as often as possible (feet in the sand or Earth, lying on the land, holding trees, etc), sleep as much as you need to, move your body to release the pent up tension (exercise, dance, etc.)

As these new "Infinity Codes" integrate, it's one more step into quantum reality. Enjoy the ride...and remember to laugh often and love much!

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