Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Honoring Truth, Creativity and the Earth

Today is Wesak, with a Full Scorpionic Moon, and some amazing opportunities for shapeshifting energies. Celia Fenn, who channels Archangel Michael, has some sage guidance for May. In a starbeam:

∞ Discern the difference between illusion and Truth
∞ Honor your creative essence and process
∞ Trust what is happening; do not fear predicted "cataclysmic" events. Know that what is happening is part of the plan for global evolution.

The entire channeling is extremely valuable and worth reading; I'm excerpting part of the segment on Creativity, since this dovetails precisely with what shamanic guide and author Sandra Ingerman just spoke about last week on Caroline Casey's Visionary Activist radio program. You can listen to the archived show on KPFA. You can also read a summary of the show's highlights in my May newsletter, What Shines.

Michael exhorts, "Many of you have lost connection with your creative energy and processes, as you judge your creations and say: 'It is bad! It needs to be destroyed!'. Now, this is because you do not honor yourself and your abilities. You are all creative, but you may say, for example, 'I cannot paint or make music or….'. But, of course you can! And the more you paint and dance and make music, the more you acquire the skills to enjoy the creative journey and the more your creative efforts will reflect the joy of who you are. You don't need to destroy every work so that you can make a better one. Rather, you will enjoy your past efforts as you move to skilled and more fluent creations. You will enjoy your past works and use them as the basis for new and more skilled works as you become more skilled, and as you grow and evolve.

"And so, we say, dearest Lightworkers, that you are all creative artists here on the planet! You are the artists of 'reality creation'. Stop, then, seeking to destroy your own creation. Know that you are growing in your creative skills, and it is good. Look at what you have created, and see the Beauty and Love reflected. And know that your ongoing creations will reflect ever more of that Love and Light, and you will awaken and become more skilled in your creative expression."

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