Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Whatever Possessed You?

Astrologer Allison Rae echoes the theme of my upcoming newsletter in her latest issue of Cosmic Time: "The next few years will be the most intense rollercoaster ride of our lives, and 2007 is a turning point. We have an opportunity to choose how we'll ride this wave, what to hold onto (precious little) and what to let go (more than we think). Vast cycles are ending. It's time for the new."

Years ago, on my own spiritual journey, these wise words came into my mind while I was out walking one night: "You need less than you think. And you have more than you know." Say this affirmation to yourself several times; you will find it comforting.

The June issue of What Shines focuses on the many guises of possession, and how we can begin to bridge seeming cultural/religious chasms through exploring the mythic quality of our common ancestral Abrahamic story.

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