Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Those Allergies Really Are

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it's Spring: a time of hayfever and other allergic reactions for many. While I've never had any problem with the outdoors, I am rather sensitive to indoor pollution: typically, chemicals that "off-gas" from new construction or a recent remodel. Knowing this, I nevertheless chose to move into a 5-months-new studio two weeks ago, and have now joined the ranks of the seasonally congested and sneezing (the cottage is also situated near many vineyards, so there is a lot of pesticide spray in the air and ground).

Amusingly, whenever I perceive something as discretely "my" issue, it turns out to be symbolic of a larger shift. As a planetary partner, I see myself (and the millions of others who deal with environmental sensitivities on a daily basis) as part of the advance guard for a planet in distress, which is being created and perpetuated by us.

Now Daniel Jacob, who channels The Reconnections, reports this reactivity is part of our awakening process.

"One of the most notable changes will be a tendency toward allergic reactions to foods, environmental essence, or other such substances in the environment. One physical result of these sensitivities will be increased water retention. At night, there may be surges of energy or a feeling of becoming spacey and 'diffuse.' Some will feel as though they are dying. These symptoms are all connected, and perfectly ordered within your growth process.

"The Oneself Body is, quite literally, turning to crystal. Your retention of water is the beginning of this transformation. Water is LIQUID CRYSTAL. During key times, the Higher Self will create a proper balance of electrical conduction so each person can get "previews" of the Grand Acceleration that will be signal the completion of your transformation. This is the Expanded Self allowing the ego to 'open your gifts' slowly and savor the experience."

I have also been in the process of shopping for two crystal bowls, something Bryan de Flores recommended in the recent Masters of the Universe Ambassador Training I attended. He says by using the bowls as mini banks, the elementals will multiply our money and enhance our overall sense of prosperity. After reading Daniel's transmission, I'm thinking maybe I'll fill one bowl with water, and the other with dollar bills, to facilitate the flow. As I've written before, all our money metaphors embrace water imagery: cash flow, liquid assets, reserves (reservoir), currency (currents).

Here's to your healthy awakening!

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