Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Honey, We Shrunk the Bees!

Have you been hearing about the bees lately? Within one week, the planetary bee exodus was a subject of intense discussion between initiated Mayan shaman Martin Prechtel and Caroline Casey on her Visionary Activist radio program on KPFA; integral to a channeling from the Pleiadians through author Barbara Marciniak; an article in Our Toxic Times, a newsletter for the chemically injured—and a featured article on

Clearly, something's going on, and it ain't pretty. If the bees disappear, so does our food supply. Einstein himself calculated that human edibles would vanish within 4 years if bees cease to exist. Just a trifle concerning...

Why are they leaving? In a word, health. Or its obverse: toxicity. Bees, like all life forms other than humans, are aware bee-ings that respond to their environment with an instinctive sense of self-preservation. The Pleiadians say the Pleiades itself is known as "the beehive," and souls are referred to as "bees." In this context, souls will leave a world that no longer provides quality of life.

The bees are departing Earth because our present reality no longer sustains them. Cell phones disrupt their navigational radar; GMOs and other disharmony in nature threatens their ecosystem. According to the Pleiadians, the lack of human love and understanding of Nature is paramount; the greatest gift we can give the bees (and us!) is to "start bee-ing yourself: a maker and a carer of Nature."

That's direct from the extraterrestrials. A warning to restore our sense of balance, inner and outer, while we still have a memory of what this means.

For me, one of the simplest ways to re-member (make membership again) is to get into nature. Go to a park, go to the ocean, go to a forest; whatever is easiest and closest for you, and connect. Breathe the fragrant air, feel the earth or sand beneath your feet, commune with the trees, flowers, sky, birds, and yes, bees. You'll not only feel renewed, you'll actually be participating in a most essential Earth renewal.

Blessed Bee!

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