Friday, June 08, 2007

Instant Manifestation

No matter how long we think we've been living and teaching something, there are moments that bring it home with such blinding clarity all we can say is, "Wow. I finally GET it!" Today was such an opportunity for me.

On Wednesday, I invited a friend for dinner, planning to gift him with $50, as he'd mentioned being in a bit of a financial pinch right now. I've been there in spades, and I've also been blessed by the kindness of innumerable open-hearted souls on my journey. So I put a $50 bill in a Christmas envelope, wrote "Secret Santa" on it, and watched him try to refuse it. (Don't we all do this with unexpected monetary blessings that we desperately need but feel funny accepting?) On the outside of the envelope, I'd written, "Gift from the Angels," and I told him with conviction, "Spirit will give it back to me. Just say yes!" I wasn't expecting a cash equivalent; I was happy to be in a position in this moment where I could help someone who has helped me in many other ways in the past.

Today, two days later, I went to pick up my mail and there were two envelopes that appeared to be personal letters (a rarity in itself in the cyber age!) One contained a contribution for my planetary service for $25. The other, from a healer I've seen on and off for years, contained $50, also a contribution.

In the seven years I've had a love offering/donation blurb on my site and in my e-newsletter, I have only occasionally received a much-appreciated contribution, usually in the denomination of $5-10. Never two in one day, and never $75. I almost wept with understanding of precisely how spiritual law works; the message couldn't have been any clearer. You tithe from the heart, it returns in...well, hearts.

Thank you, Arte, for the co-creation, and all my angels and guides for the abundantly clear lesson in true abundance! I am brimming with gratitude today for getting on a cellular level how coming from Love is the only path now.

If you have similar stories, please share them!

Many blessings and prosperous joy to you,

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