Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Paris In Springtime

Celia Fenn, who channels Archangel Michael, has a fascinating perspective on how our integration of the Goddess energies and clearing the ancient "witch hunt" fears that reside within human DNA is manifesting on the U.S. stage, in the form of Paris Hilton's fall from grace. Once again, it's our shadow coming to the forefront of consciousness to be healed.

Celia writes, "...the American public have seemingly reveled in her fall and misery. I used to teach American literature at college, and what came to mind was Arthur Miller's play The Crucible, where a young blonde woman is tried as a witch, but it becomes obvious that she is merely carrying the shadow sexual energies of her community and its guilts and judgments. Well, I think pretty much the same energy is emerging here, as these images convey the energy of the witchhunt.

"In Steve Rother's latest Beacon of Light he talks about what he calls a "Sexual Infusion", or an intensified sexual energy that is now coming to the planet. Yes, and as the sexual energy intensifies, all the old 'stuff' must come out and be acknowledged and cleared. We must own our role in it, whether as victims or as perpetrators, but we must see the drama and let it go. Maybe the 'mission' of the soul of the glamorous party girl called Paris Hilton is to help us to confront these energies within ourselves. For if we accept that all souls have work to do, and that everything unfolds for a reason and for the higher good, then we can begin to appreciate what these images are arousing on a deeper level within the Collective Consciousness."

And just to toss one more cosmic iron into our summer inferno, Mercury goes retrograde this Friday, June 15th, until July 9th (double-check communications and schedules, and try to postpone tasks such as auto repairs or buying a new computer. I'm having my Internet and phone installed Saturday, with layers of extra blessings!)

After that, it's on to Solstice, and a whole new set of fiery energies!

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