Monday, June 25, 2007

Becoming Good Terrestrial Tenants

"We have probed the Earth, excavated it, burned it, ripped things from it, buried things in it. ... That does not fit my definition of a good tenant. If we were here on a month-to-month basis, we would have been evicted long ago." ~ Rose Elizabeth Bird

This extraordinary quote comes from Aluna Joy's latest Center of the Sun newsletter, where she describes this time period (from the Solstice just past until the August 12th meteor shower) as a tremendous window of opportunity for quantum healing.

To actualize this possibility, Aluna is calling on each of us to manifest "GREAT COMPASSION . . . and GREAT FORGIVENESS . . . offered in a space of NON-JUDGEMENT without ego and from the HEART. The wrongs created in the past were done by those doing the best they could in an environment that did not reveal truth adequately. We are being called into action and to put to use the LIGHT, POWER and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It is time for us to come into fully realizing how magnificant we truly are."

Why now? "Within this window is the exact frequency or echo of time in history where massive misuses of power took place. ...Time is cyclic in nature and because we are circumnavigating through a time where a mis-use of power took place ... over and over again. It is time to break this cycle! Now we have the greatest opportunity to heal these past errors in present time. When we heal these past errors, we can end war and have peace on Earth. We can live in global harmony with all life and even experience universal unity. Our health will be restored. Abundance will not be an issue anymore. Ancient homesickness will vanish. Our dreams can be realized. Our suffering ends. We will never be lonely or feel lost again."

Karen Bishop's Solstice posting concurs: "These current energies are telling us that we cannot push certain things aside. They must be dealt with, will eventually have to be dealt with, and thus, we are being shown what is the closest to the surface so that we can make some changes.

"The solstice is creating a situation of colliding energies, as what is up now needs to be released. And this is the way it is with our spiritual evolutionary process. We at first collide, then integrate, and as always, move forward in a much better and more comfortable way. This 'gutting' phase we are currently experiencing will bring more up and out to be cleared away, in regard to ourselves and certainly our old systems and ways of being that were created in the old reality.

"Lower vibrating and denser energies are on their way out, and when we see them flying by, we can feel fairly uncomfortable as well! But they are greatly in the minority now, as we have made so much progress. This is why we feel so ugly when we encounter them, as we are vibrating so much higher now and the contrast is very extreme.

"Miracles will still be the mainstay, the more prevalent, as will much love and abundance, as we begin to realize that these minor and short lived purges are becoming less and less predominant. We are making great progress indeed…"

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