Thursday, June 07, 2007

Standing In the Fire

"Life is not tried/It is merely survived/If you're standing outside the fire." ~ Garth Brooks

Well, nobody's standing outside the fire right now: we're feeling the heat, as Mars, Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in what's known astrologically as a Grand Trine in Fire. It's an opportunity for a massive spiritual energy download, according to one of my favorite astrologers, Tara Greene. (Scroll to the June 4th entry for specifics). Of course, those leaders and others who choose a less awakened path may simply use this energy as one more excuse for explosive behavior...which is why the rest of us need to focus our positive intent intently now!

For a cross-reference, check out Kelley Hunter's excellent site as well. She takes a decidedly shamanic view in her transmissions, making them even more multidimensional. Here's an excerpt:

"Mars zodiacally aligns with Alpheratz, one of my favorite stars, marking one corner of the Great Square of Pegasus, the Flying Horse. Alpheratz is also the head of Andromeda, the Chained Lady. It is our task in this day and age to unchain Andromeda and let her ride that sky horse. This is a shamanic image of inner space travel, freeing the spirit and the imagination to soar into the heavens."

So feel and feed the inner fire, and prepare to join with your spiritual siblings around the globe as we Fire the Grid on July 17th!

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