Friday, June 01, 2007

Can You Feel the Fire?

The centerpiece of my June newsletter is an extraordinary new book called The Tent of Abraham, written by a trio of religious visionaries: Jew, a Christian, and a Muslim. A core aspect of the text is a greatly expanded version of what we might call, reading between the lines.

In the Jewish tradition, the spaces between the letters in the Torah (the Jewish equivalent of the Bible) are considered to be as full of meaning as the letters themselves: they are "white fire" that allows rabbis of every generation to interpret the mystical messages in the sacred teachings, or "black fire", beyond what is written down.

These commentaries on life, called midrash (literally, "searching"), allow the authors to ask searing questions for our time, that help us to deeply explore how we might come together in groundbreaking ways to heal our ancient wounds and create new models of community. Tears rolled down my cheeks during many of the chapters. Highly recommended!

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