Thursday, July 05, 2007

Is It Menopause — or Metamorphosis?

Ascension symptoms can mimic many conventional "illnesses" and other physical challenges, as I know only too well. In the mid-'90s, I couldn't fathom what was happening to me (neither could doctors) and in the end, my healing hegira became a spiritual quest. When I wrote about it from the perspective of detoxification and hormone imbalance, I heard from both women and men all over the U.S. for months.

However, Karen Bishop reminds me of what I learned along the way: transmutation through the body can "look like" menopause! She writes, "The ascension process mimics menopause very closely, with short term memory loss, hot flashes and night sweats, heightened emotions, abdominal weight gain, food cravings, an inability to lose weight (no matter what we do!), sleeplessness, and the like. Only most men are having these symptoms as well!"

This particular alert also focuses on depression as a symptom of purging old, dense emotions and dark energies, and distinguishes between feelings of grief and loss that have to do with the evolutionary process, and those that may truly benefit from medical intervention.

There's also a huge electrical upsurge going on as we literally become "lightbodies". And this download can blow our circuits in any number of interesting ways. Two weeks ago, I awoke in excruciating back pain and subsequently discovered I had two dislocated ribs. They've relocated now, but the right side of my upper torso is still somewhat inflamed. Intriguingly, according to Louise Hay's seminal book, Heal Your Body, which describes the metaphysical causes for physical problems, thoracic 5 and 6 have the following correspondences:

5-T Refusing to process the emotions. Damned-up feelings, rage.
Affirmation: I let life flow through me. I am willing to live. All is well.

6-T Anger at life. Stuffed negative emotions. Fear of the future. Constant worry.
Affirmation: I trust life to unfold before me in positive says. It is safe to love myself.

With all the emotional and spiritual healing work I've done over the years, this came as a bit of a shock, but/and: this is the moment to truly come clean, clear out the residue of toxicity in all its forms, forever!

A friend e-mailed that she's been "in the midst of great watery turbulence of deep space waves....I could not recognize myself these past few weeks....I have been crying off and on for about 2 weeks, whoa, then sinus infection for 11 days just beginning to clear...needed MD..."

As always, the best course forus all is to remember we are living in "interesting times" in which weirdness is the norm — so try not to take it personally, because we're all on this roller coaster ride together! Blessings...

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