Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Relationship Revamp

The Mayan White Lunar Wizard Year begins Thursday, July 26th, presaging a mystical year. Mayan daykeeper Li says, "Wizard is a shapeshifter, effortlessly changing forms to meet the moment, residing in magic. We know the magical when we experience it, so different from everyday-life consciousness. Magical moments come through being connected, alive, and moving in concert with everything else. Things have a way of working out when we maintain the connection and keep our intent aligned with sacred intent. There is a timeless quality to the Wizard that enables the seemingly magical to happen, effortlessly.

"Two (lunar) is the number of challenge and relatedness. There is a challenge to be met here through how we relate to living in a world of duality/polarity. I think it will be a very different sort of challenge than this past year has been. The astrological transits are much friendlier... The challenge has more to do with learning to relate magically as our way of being in the world."

On Mayan New Year's Day, I'll be heading up to the magnificent metaphysical moutain that has spelled transformation for millions: Mt. Shasta, located at the very tip of northern California. There's a series of powerful healing events taking place there during the next several weeks, and it seemed auspicious timing.

In addition, on Friday, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, retrogrades (appears to move backwards) in Virgo, and this event, says ace astrologer Tara Greene, expanding Li's sentiments, is major, as Venus "rules everything that’s nearest and dearest to most people’s hearts - relationships, values, love, beauty, money, luxury, peace, harmony, and let’s not forget music and the arts. So her Retrograde movement will significantly change all that, our buying habits and social patterns over the next 6 weeks or so while she’s Retrograde. We have an opportunity to resolve unfinished business in relationships and artistic endeavours."

We have a 10-week window to do the Retrograde Dance, as I like to think of it: revisit, release, reimagine, recreate...all those useful "re" words that make up a makeover. Tara says, "We’re really talking about a 10-week period here of re-evaluating our primary basic relating and consuming habits. Venus’s prescription, Rx in Virgo, asks us to become more discerning, less judgemental and perfectionist - a very Virgoan trait."

Venus moves into Leo on August 8th, and this "natural house of love affairs asks us to be more authentic, valueing from the heart, not the head, {Virgo} less willfull and egoistic. A re-evaluation of DRAMA becomes DHARMA, meaning true unselfish service."

On the world stage, Tara advises that the signs in which Venus performs her Retro Dance are significant: "It is especially symbolic that Venus is reviewing values coming out of Virgo, who wastes nothing and lives very frugally on a very tight budget, using only what she needs, and then re-assesses with Leo royal flair, the big show, the bling-bling, bigger cars, diamonds, palaces, etc. etc.

"With the more recent consciousness shift that primarily America and significantly the First World Countries waste and use up most of the World’s resources, this Venusian Retrograde bodes very well for a HUGE consciousness shift to only using what we need, becoming aware of just how much we waste in this instant, throw-away culture, this macho 'mine is bigger' consciousness - yes, you suburban bleach blonde Goddesses in your SUV’s -this means you." Clearly, she's not mincing any words in making the mission crystal clear!

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