Monday, July 16, 2007

Your Planet Needs YOU on 7/17/07

Dear Ones,

This Fire the Grid video, created by initiator Shelley Yates, will inspire you to the realization that YOU make the difference — and that, together with all of the other "you's" out there, gathered as ONE, we can and will regenerate our precious and only home.

If you haven't yet read Shelley's incomparable story about the power of Love and human energy, visit Fire the Grid. And get set to join with your global siblings, wherever you may be, at 11:11 GMT on Tuesday, July 17th, when Pluto, the planet that pilots radical transformation, will be exactly aligned with the Galactic Center. The potential is awesome — and we have never been more perfectly poised as a collective to fulfill it.

The exact meditation times are 7:11 EDT and 4:11 PDT in the United States. Check the World Clock for your local time. Tomorrow, open your heart and mind to pure Love with the intention to re-imagine and re-energize our planet. She's ready, and has been waiting for enough of us to awaken to our enormous power as Earth healers and ambassadors.

Thank you, beloved one, for answering the call!

Much love to you and through you, always and in all ways...Amara

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