Monday, July 02, 2007

Independence Is Written In the Stars

Allison Rae shares some intriguing information about how the current celestial energies impact the independence being celebrated this week by both the United States and Canada.

She writes, "Every year at this time, our Sun aligns with the magnificent blue star Sirius, creating an initiation portal linked to the Great Pyramid at Giza, the Egyptian goddess Isis and the all-seeing, all-knowing Eye of Cosmic Wisdom. The rising of Sirius with the Sun near the Summer Solstice marks the beginning of the Egyptian New Year and heralds the annual flooding of the Nile, replenishing the physical and spiritual fertility of the motherland. The brightest star in our sky, Sirius streams the cosmic frequencies of Love-Wisdom to Earth. As Sothis, she catalyzes the purification of ego so we may embody Divine Essence.

On a mundane level, freedom and illumination are the hallmarks of this celestial gateway. The United States and Canada both celebrate their independence from England under this alignment. Bastille Day, the French Independence Day, is July 14. In a supergalactic synchronicity, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama was born under this configuration, as was U.S. President George W. Bush (both born on July 6). Without a doubt, each one is a key figure in the apocalyptic drama playing out on Earth!"

Pretty phenomenal, though no less than we'd expect in this Plutonic moment of galactic transfiguration. Learn more about the heavenly significance of July 4th. And enjoy the sizzle, because it's truly going to get, to quote Stevie Wonder, "Hotter Than July"!

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