Saturday, July 21, 2007

Release and Integration

Have you been feeling blasted out of your comfort zone, bigtime? Or, has a beloved animal companion (or human one) left the earth plane recently? It's all part of the grand release and regeneration cycle that's been underway for decades, but never so prominently as this year, and this month in particular. Just a week or so ago, my primary consulting contract ended unexpectedly — after I'd been having unbidden thoughts for the week prior about wanting to release this obligation, even though rationally it made no sense, since it's my principal source of 3-D income that allows me to do my lightwork. But it was time to say "so long", and I did it with humor, seeing as it was an obvious co-creation!

Celia Fenn, fabulous Michael channel in South Africa, says this is par for the current course: "Many of us are closing off old business in preparation for the new cycle that is now opening for us, and many are taking on new assignments and new work...Sadly, also many who have completed their work are now leaving the material plane. The energies are moving so incredibly fast now that all we can do is live in absolute trust that we will be guided and carried to where we need to be."

I've also been experiencing some weird physical symptoms, mostly on the right side of my neck and upper back, and assumed it was old stuff that was finally getting ready to release. However, according to Celia what I'm feeling may not even be physically-based! She writes,

"...the symptoms that we feel are in the Lightbody rather than the physical. This is why, quite often, a person experiencing the symptoms will go to a doctor who will find nothing wrong with the physical body. As the physical integrates with the Light Body, one feels the symptoms as if they were physical, but in fact they are electrical or 'light' experiences being felt through the physical system as the integration takes place."

Archangel Michael says, "As you become more sensitive, you will indeed feel and experience your Lightbody almost as much as your physical body, and indeed, at times you will not be able to tell which is which, for they will indeed become one and the same! You will become your Lightbody. What does that mean? It means that you will become a being of Light while still in physical form, and you will live a life of 'electric light' like an angel. You will be able to exercise the gifts and talents of an angel, while also being a human. What are those, you might ask? Ah well, dearest soul, have you never wanted to do wonderful and miraculous things...indeed you will when you learn how to activate the angel within, or the angel who you are becoming."

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