Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Buddha-Full Eclipse

April 24th heralds a full moon eclipse on a day known as Wesak, the Buddha's birthday. Astrologer Ingrid Jeffries (Ingrid@ijnorthstar@fastmailfm) offers insight into what this might mean for us, individually and collectively:

"This Sunday's Full Moon eclipse with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio is the third consecutive year of eclipse emphasis in these two signs, indicating the planetary and personal need to 'get real' about resources and values. Eclipses create an intensity of awareness around the themes and issues of particular signs. 2005 is the last year the resource signs, Taurus/Scorpio, will be eclipsed until 2013. Whatever needs to be transformed or released in order to manifest a peaceful and balanced sustenance will be the work of these signs for the next 8 years.

"How are we using our personal resources of energy or lifeforce, time and money? Does our investment of these precious resources support what we most value: physically, emotionally and spiritually? Both Taurus and Scorpio are practical and sensual earth oriented signs that appreciate power, loyalty, intimacy, and possession while at times having issues with trust, forgiveness, self indulgence and opinionatedness. Certainly these seem to be concerns of global magnitude right now.

"This Full Moon is also important as it is known as Wesak, or Buddha's birthday. It is believed that at the time of Wesak, Christ, Buddha, the ascended masters and planetary Light workers meet together in a valley high in the Himalayas where a blessing is invoked for humanity. To the Earth centered traditions this was the Full Moon that heralded Beltane and the fertility celebrations. Each of the fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius) is associated with one of the four portals or gates. It is believed that at this Full Moon and for the next two weeks, the veil between the worlds is thinner. This is when angels and devas, fairies and leprechauns are more easily contacted.

How to Use this Full Moon Energy

"Full Moons are always about polarities and illumination, but during an eclipse there is a block or interruption to the light. Before humanity understood the eclipse process this was frightening. What if our source of light and warmth no longer existed? How would we survive? For how long? Eclipses can bring up survival issues.

"This eclipse in Taurus and Scorpio can illuminate and intensify our awareness around security issues and what we most value in our life. The Scorpio Moon provides us with an opportunity to look at the secrets we keep and to view life from a higher perspective, as Scorpio resonates with mysticism and purification, while the Taurus Sun supports practical application and the ability to respond appropriately. Both of these signs are associated with strong desire natures that fan the flames of carnal needs and sensual self expression.

"This particular Full Moon energy supports meditating upon what needs to be released so that something new can be born. Where this Full Moon occurs in the zodiac creates an opportunity for greater awareness and understanding about a particular 'theme' in our lives based on our Sun and/or Rising sign. The following signs each share a theme with one another at this Full Moon:

"Aries and Libra might consider the theme of financial and emotional expenditures.
Taurus and Scorpio might consider the theme of passion and desire.
Gemini and Sagittarius might consider the theme of support and service
Cancer and Capricorn might consider the theme of love and creativity.
Leo and Aquarius might consider the theme of success and security.
Virgo and Pisces might consider the theme of self expression and truth."

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