Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Earth Day, Co-Creators!

Wherever you celebrate life on our planet today, the 35th anniversary of Earth Day is as much about our metaphysical environment as our physical one.

You already know 2005 is the wildest energetic ride yet, as we awaken en masse and surf into the new. April's been an amazing month thus far, a "gateway" opportunity between two eclipses (solar on April 8th, with the new moon in Aries; lunar upcoming on the 24th, Wesak or the Buddha full (beautiful) moon.) During this period we were Pope-less for a time, creating an opening for the Divine Feminine to penetrate the Church consciousness and begin to bring back the balance that has been so long suppressed.

Astrologically speaking, this shift in consciousness is possible because "Pluto, the engine of transformation, is now conjunct the Galactic Center. The powerful transmissions from the Galactic Center or the Divine Mother are being amplified through Pluto, so that change is unavoidable and rapid.

"Pluto will soon go retrograde, however, and will not actually cross the Galactic Center until early 2006 and then late 2007. At these times the shifts you will see will be magnificent. You will look back and understand that this was the point of no return, the moment when critical mass was reached and the Journey of Ascension for the entire planet became something that was not only possible and probable, but a fact that has already been accomplished and now but needs to manifest into the physical.

"Move forward in Joy.
"What you have worked so long for is about to birth before you.
"The New Earth is manifesting into Reality."

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