Sunday, April 03, 2005

After Shocks: Soulquakes and Synchronicity

The first Indonesian earthquake rocked the world the day after Christmas. The second, measuring nearly as high on the Richter scale but not generating another tsunami, occurred the day after Easter.

Two cataclysmic events take place on the days following the two biggest holidays on the Christian calendar, having to do with the birth and ascension of one of the great world teachers of the past few millennia. Is it "just" a coincidence, or is there a cosmic message for us here?

Sandie Sedgbeer, editor of, says in her April Letter from the Editor that something significant's going on. For one thing, this second quake did not result in another devastating tsunami.

"According to many people I know who are especially sensitive to such things, the difference in energy in the week after Easter has been palpable. Several have even been experiencing what they liken to an “internal tsunami’ of emotional upheaval. Now I can’t comment on others’ personal experiences, but it certainly gets my attention when something occurs to the Earth in one area, and thousands of miles away people start experiencing internal energetic echoes."

If we understand the truth that All is One and "as above, so below," then it makes perfect sense: Gaia expressed the emotion for us last time, and humans felt it in their beings this time, so there was no need for an outward expression of the same energy.

We are rising. It is the moment of the Quickening, and we are. We're also in a Mercury retrograde in fire (Aries). Fire and water are perfect complements, action/emotion, solar/lunar polarities. We're healing all the rifts in our collective psyche and soma, and no matter how strange it might look, we're, as Sandie observes, totally in tune with the Universe.

Blessed Be!

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Mahaleena said...

I got an email saying that the first quake and tsnami were the result of an asteroid falling into the ocean. Be that as it may, it is amazing that there was not another giant wave. Now that Terri Shaivo and the Pope and Prince Rainer have left the planet. It seems as though they have left us with the opportunity to contemplate our deaths as much as we have our births and the choices for conscious birthing both children and dreams. How do I want to die. Do I want a feeding tube for 15 years? Would I want it pulled out? The Pope decided not to go to a hospital and to die at home with dignity. What is our choice for our selves and who knows what our wants are for how we die? These are great questions. I think our culture is terrified of death, so we don't talk about "these things". I would love feedback on this topic, the right to die and the right to live. with love mahaleena