Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Penny Saved Is...Wealth On The Way!

As I was buying a telephone cord adapter in the hardware store earlier, I handed the clerk two extra pennies, mentioning offhandedly, "They're not worth anything anyway." Was I wrong!

She proceeded to tell me about a friend of hers named Penny. When Penny was born, her parents began saving their pennies. They asked friends to give them their pennies, too, and, since many people hold the view I expressed above, they were happy to be rid of the "worthless" copper cluttering up their pockets and purses.

On Penny's 16th birthday, her parents surprised her with a brand-new car, purchased with the pennies they'd saved over the previous sixteen years. And, the store clerk hastened to assure me, "It was a really nice car, too, not the cheapest one available."

What a teaching in the value of pennies—and perseverance. Penny's parents are a living example of what it means to use good cent$!

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