Saturday, April 09, 2005

Mental Health Alert: Cracks In The Cosmic Mirror

Since my own awakening, I find people often use me as a projection screen for their movie. Even knowing this, it continually catches me unprepared. This last week, however, has sent shock waves rippling through my open heart: two people (staff at a healing center, no less) have attacked me without apparent cause--save, perhaps, that who I am and how I express my truth has rocked their world just slightly more than is comfortable.

It was therefore comforting to log on to Karen's latest report for What's Up On Planet Earth, and see that what I (and they) are experiencing is just another aspect of our planetary shift-in-process.

"You may have recently found inappropriate boundary behavior with people around you, situations regarding feelings of vulnerability regarding boundaries, or quite simply a sense that there is much commotion or presence in your space even if unseen at the physical level.

"Just as we needed to use proper respect, structure and protocol in regard to boundaries in 3D, the same most certainly holds true in the higher dimensions as well.

"And as many are new to these new energies and this now deeper and immediate connection with others in higher ways (telepathy, connecting at higher levels, and communication without words, etc.), we can easily find ourselves in the space of others even if simply through thought or intention, and must now become mindful of a new way of operating and being in this rapidly unfolding New World."

And, of course--how could I have forgotten?--any area of our beings not yet light-filled will show up as fear. When we are afraid, we lash out at what feels like the target. I let out a huge sigh of relief as I remembered, and blessed both women on their journey.

"If you look in the mirror and do not know who you are or feel as if someone is talking and it is not you, you are not alone. You are simply strengthening your connection to your higher self. You may also not feel like doing a thing and not be able to concentrate, as a sense of floating around aimlessly is a result of a much less dense environment.

"But there are certainly upsides as well. In an instant now, we can shift gears and place ourselves in an incredibly good space of our choice. As we learn to navigate in these higher realms, we will find that our intention is much more powerful and immediate than ever before."

Keep those cosmic surfboards well waxed, fellow travelers, and let's ride these new energy waves with release and joy, "straight on till Morning," as Peter Pan described Home.

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Gemma said...

I am with you, Amara Rose.