Monday, February 06, 2006

Firewalk Feedback

The newsletter on my Feb. 4th firewalk in Davis, CA with Heather Ash Amara (yes, you read that right) has sparked the highest response I've received to a mailing in awhile. Apparently we're ALL ready to toss off our invisible shackles and shine! I loved some of the feedback so much I had the inspiration tonight to post it here for all to savor:
From my beloved fellow coach, Helene van Manen in CO:

i love how you walk through fire and how you live big.
i wish you calm cooling foot creme days for the remainder of your year.

you are ever in my heart.
From Edie Moser in PA:

I did the same thing on my birthday about ten years ago. What an affirming experience that we are so intricately connected with life force. I consider myself an emotional firewalker that does that on a daily basis. Sounds like you do too.
From my college buddies MaryAnne and Ed in VA:

Your old friend Ed suggests that next you might want to try to walk on water! Think of the steam!
From Patricia Sage Wells-Wright in CA:

Thanks for all your wonderful newsletters. Glad to hear of your most recent birthday and your firewalk. Congratulations! The timing was certainly right for you!!!

My birthday is February 11, my one sis is Feb 4th and my youngest sis is Jan 22. All three Aquarians! Nice to know you as well are a fellow Aquarian.
From Nila Tadic de Ossio in Bolivia:

Happy birthday, dear Amara Rose. Thank you for sharing such a mystical experience with us! God bless you.
And from firewalk leader Heather Ash, now in TX:


It was a joy to meet you and see the light shining so brightly in your face after the firewalk. May your flame burn with great love and guide our every step...

Bright blessings on your healing work, sister!

I love you all! Thank you! ~ Amara

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