Sunday, February 05, 2006

Some By Fire

I firewalked on 2/4, my 49th birthday, and told the group afterwards, "I feel reborn." I almost used the following inspirational poem as the lead quote for this month's e-newsletter, on my firewalk experience:

Some By Fire

~ Dawn Callan
from Awakening the Warrior Within, © 1995 Nataraj Publishing

Like a Phoenix from the embers
Ashes to ashes
Burning, burning
Some by fire
Some by water
Until we remember returning.

Some by the arts of the necromancer
Some by the sword
Some in the trance of the Sufi dancer
Some by the word.

Prodigal daughter
Walks the Warrior's path
Some by water
Some by tempting God to laugh.

Woman's body
Warrior's soul
Dance the ancient rite
Free the dragons of desire
Into the Light
Some by fire.


What I didn't include in What Shines: we were each asked to choose a word to symbolize our firewalk intention. Mine was "freedom." In triumphant tears after crossing the coals, the words that kept ringing in my head were, "Anything is possible!"

Everything is energy, is light, is love. The most potent, beautiful verification I've received of this truth in awhile comes from my friend Mahaleena, who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 lung and brain cancer (she has never smoked cigarettes, to my knowledge). When I heard the news, I registered my shock and sadness and asked what I could offer besides prayer (please add your blessings to the crucible).

This is her response, in part:

"I am feeling well and getting care by the Angels who work in Radiation, etc. All the really nice people are cached in one place. Nothing but good experiences are coming from this. Whether I live or die I have touched love and been touched by love from others. There is nothing else of any consequence happening on the planet. So bask in it."

Dear Ones, that's living your light! Maha, you glow, girl! Much LOVE!

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