Friday, February 17, 2006

Full of Hot Air? Launch a Balloon Ride!

Since last night I've suddenly been beset by positive choices, yet strangely unable to discern the best option for me at this time, even (especially) intuitively. I'm planning to relocate, but the geographical call keeps shifting capriciously, like my own breath.

Not surprising, says astrologer Tara Greene. Mars entered Gemini today, and as a result, "Actions will definitely be 'up in the air.'"

Greene reports, "Mars finally leaves the earthy confines of Taurus' feminine, Venus-ruled, bullish, obstinate, sensual, money loving sign where he's been smelling the roses since July 27th 2005. Now, that was one very loooong stay in Taurus. We've been acting around very nitty-gritty issues since then, since Mars had a long retrograde period, where we were going over old turf and being very stubborn to boot. Mars, known for his fiery warlike nature, usually jaunts through each sign at the rate of about a month and a half, depending on how aggressive he's feeling. Mars the Warrior is in Gemini, an Air sign, both masculine--and that's a pretty hot fire to handle.

"The mood should definitely lighten up, quicken and change now. Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio. Aries is fiery and initiatory, spontaneous combustion, independent, angry, strong-willed. Scorpio is watery and deals with birth, death and transformation, sex and power--the Biggies. Gemini's nature is mental agility, fast, ruled by Mercury, therefore Gemini governs all communications, thinking, talking, quick mind shifts, publicity, the lungs, short journeys, & siblings.

"Gemini has a dual nature, it's the infamous twins mythologized in ancient cultures throught the world, duality, the masculine and feminine, both sides of the brain, Peter Pan--expect Michael Jackson to be in the news again. Actions head to Never Land. We may see aggressive militaristic moves to limit the Internet, communications and freedom of speech issues.

"In the Tarot, Gemini is associated with the Tarot Card the Lovers, the 6th Trump Card. Gemini is seeking to understand relationships of all kinds.

"Mars in Gemini says, 'Ah, you may as well try and catch the wind.' Picture a flaming brain. Aries and Scorpios will be vacillating and talking more." {Ah! Now I get it: I have an Aries Moon and my Ascendant is in Scorpio. No wonder I'm a wee bit confused!}

"Fast talking, thinking on one's feet, changing one's mind a lot, discovering through examining both opposing sides of any issue.

"In Gemini Mars may switch sides every few minutes. Expect the stock markets to swing wildly, vacillating back and forth highlighting us vs. them, black and white, good & evil, rich & poor, power vs. victims, until April 20th, on a Full Moon, when Passover begins and Mars submerges himself into the watery, sensitive, Mom-and-apple pie, home loving and nurturing sign of Cancer, where Mars will heat things up for both Canada - a good thing weatherwise - and the U.S. Both countries' Sun signs are Cancerian - July 1st and 4th.

"Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini, entered Pisces on the 8th of February, so communications should be more sympathetic, flowing, spiritual, compassionate and alternately, in denial, ephemeral, other-worldy, very emotional, and watch for those rosy sweet words and hidden agendas.

Wind Power and the Power of the Word
So let's get SMART POWER here, never mind nuclear, gas firing, coal and heaven forbid a fuel burning energy plant. Why not use that Mars in Gemini energy to talk your head off - and act to make something enlightening happen, like try to catch the wind and use it - WIND POWER. Maybe with Mars in Gemini we'll harness yakking power from the energy of all those lips flapping in the breeze so that we could be putting your money where your mouth is."

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