Thursday, February 16, 2006

Brrreeeport to Yinify: A Wealth of Wisdom from B to Y

The blogging world is all a-flutter over a made-up word that's been boosting search engine rankings exponentially: brrreeeport. At first I thought it meant a report from the Arctic region, or something having to do with French cheese (albeit with a creative spelling.)

We can magnetize anything into existence by our collective power, as the above example demonstrates. I'd like to see the word and meaning of yinify expand as rapidly and penetrate as widely as the meaningless brrreeeport. Yinify is a word I coined several years ago to express the idea of unifying in the Divine Feminine (yin) energy. It can also mean to become/embody more of the feminine qualities of receptivity, attraction, magnetism, heart-centered focus, and intuition.

Each of us carries both "masculine" and "feminine" energies; I am not describing external attributes of maleness or femaleness, but rather, how we express energy in the world. We are in the midst of a global shift to a more feminine way of being, which will ultimately usher in an era of prolonged peace, harmony and well-being.

I've held the intent for awhile now of stewarding The Yinification Tour©, an evolutionary, multidimensional, multimedia healing event encompassing music, movement, dance, ritual, singing/chanting, invocations, inspirational dialogue, poetry, improv/theatre, visual arts, and more. Unlike a standard workshop or presentation, this event will develop organically in a participatory framework. The practical transformational tools we create will become integral to the ceremony and to us, simultaneously.

I envision a core group with complementary talents/skills who share the vision and join together to bring The Yinification Tour© into manifestation. This "healing theatre" will travel from destination to destination and include local talent in different cities, encouraging people to use these transformational tools in their daily lives on an ongoing basis.

So if you're ready to co-create at the crossroads, from B to Y, as it were, I invite you to unthaw from brrreeeport and yinify at the evolutionary edge!


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Eileen Meyer said...

Thanks for your work and your vision. Let me know when the Yinification Tour yinifies! I do believe we're on the same page :-)