Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Over the Rainbow

It's been an odd day, weather-wise: lots of cloudbursts followed by radiant sun, then more rain. I spied two rainbows in the exact same location, about two hours apart. Earlier, I'd forgotten today was Mardi Gras, though these signs are certainly in keeping with the theme of celebration. The rainbows appeared in the East, the direction in which I'll soon be bound. And the East, in all native teachings, heralds new beginnings...

So as we prepare to dive into a watery Mercury retrograde in Pisces on Thursday (till 3/25), remember to stay in the flow, release what you think you know, and open to manifest: all money metaphors contain water imagery. Currency/currents, reserves (as in Federal Reserve)/reservoir, liquid assets, cash flow. Affluence literally means, "to flow abundance."

Here's to your wealth! May it also bring you the wisdom to use it well.

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