Monday, February 27, 2006

Enrolling in Crystal U

We've been hearing about Lightbody and Lightwork for awhile; now, it's open enrollment for all planetary citizens! Being in the Light is itself enrolling: engaging our senses and hearts in a vibratory field that's literally helping us heal and release density.

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn says we are Cosmic Crystals in a Field of Love, and the image alone is enough to elevate consciousness. Michael explains:

"Since the activation of the Galactic Lightbody, the human body is rapidly assuming its orginal template form and design - exquisite crystalline geometries designed to vibrate in a field of pure love and to express that love in many dimensions!

"The significance of these energies for the planet is immense and wonderful. They will ground and bring peace to a turbulent world as they transmute and transform. But, on the individual level, there will also be miraculous changes.

"The Galactic Lightbody, with its specific geometry of the Icosa-Dodecahedron, and the Quantum 'Field of Love', with its specific crystalline geometries, will produce, by sympathetic vibration or resonance, a crystalline state in the human body. This will be through the water matrix of the body. Your body is 70 to 80 percent water, and this water will begin to vibrate in crystalline forms. Once this happens, the physical body will receive and transmit more and more light. You will indeed become radiant and luminous.

"'Becoming Light' in this way means that the body becomes less dense and is able to be thought of as light. It can be transformed, healed, rejuvenated, at the speed of thought! This is the 'highest potential' that is encoded in your DNA in the Paradise template, and that is being activated now by the Sirian Blue Star geometries and the Galactic Field of Love. But this will be a gradual process, dearest ones, there is no rush. Allow your bodies the time they need to make the changes. Some may need lots of rest and quiet times to allow the transformation, others may not. You are individuals and each of you will begin to work with these transformative energies in your own individual way.

"And, dearest ones, you will have much work to do to assist those who are still awakening to understand the energies of change, for they will affect everyone. The entire planet is in the Fifth Dimension, although most people still identify with a Third Dimensional reality frame. But when these deep changes start to become evident, there will be much education and support work to be done as people learn the truth of their Angelic nature and how to express their highest potential on Earth."

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