Friday, March 10, 2006

All Hail the Dark Mother!

The upcoming eclipse on March 14th ushers in the Feminine frequency more potently than any other celestial event since the Transit of Venus in 2004. Prepare to surrender into your deepest self and open to the Mystery! Canadian astrologer Tara Greene does a terrific job of explaining what in Heaven is going on. Long, and worth the read:

"Eclipses are Gateways to new consciousness and beginnings. Every six months the Earth, Moon and Sun align precisely enough to eclipse each other. Think of it as a race or a competition, the Heavenly Olympics. As the shadow of the Earth obscures the Light of the Moon we have a special opportunity, a gateway to see in the dark, through our fears of being without the Feminine, the Goddess, the comfort and innate memories of the womb, and uncover new truths. Eclipses occur in relation to the Lunar Nodes, the points in space where the Moon crosses the ecliptic — the Celestial Equator. Formed by the Moon, the symbol of the Feminine, the Lunar Nodes represent where we get our nourishment from on a Cosmic Level and feel it in a 'down to Earth' way. The North Node indicates for all of us what current and future intentions support our spiritual development and the South Node what has nurtured us in the past. The Nodes of the Moon are karmic in nature, specifically representing, feelings, emotions, the womb, memories, Source, the primal Feminine energy, the Goddess.

"This eclipse is extremely potent and powerful! This eclipse finds the sun, source of Light, Life and the Soul, (they don't call it SOL for naught!) near the North Node in Pisces at 24+ degrees of Pisces, the last and most spiritual of all the Signs of the Zodiac. The Light beckons us to return to the Source of all. The Moon opposite is at 24 + degrees of Virgo, near the South Node (at 4 degrees of Libra) a sign which seeks perfection of the earthy, body levels and of the mind. Pisces knows all is already perfection. Virgo/Pisces polarity is about integrating the seeming opposites of Mind/Body and Spirit. This is a very important eclipse as Pluto, the great Redeemer, is almost perfectly squaring (90 degree angle) the Sun and Moon. Squares are tense and push us into action. I would call it a Plutonic Eclipse.

"Pluto is almost exactly on the Galactic Center (G.C.) of the Milky Way galaxy, the galaxy we call 'home.' Galactic means 'mother's milk'. The G.C. is a huge black hole sucking in all light, all matter that comes its way. The essence of a black hole is change, sudden, dramatic, reversals of the status quo reality. To the ancient Mayans the G.C. was the great maw, mouth, yoni, gateway where all souls pass after death, before physical birth into and out of their journey through this galaxy. Pluto will be hovering around the Galactic Center all year, magnifying the alignment of our consciousness with our origins and radically magnifying the evolutionary impetus of the galactic impulses in the yoniverse.

"In this number 8 year, 2006, the Galactic Center is the pivot, the x crossing of the infinity symbol. Black holes are metaphorical crossing over points, galactic gateways of change, which is the nature of all in the universe. Life is growth and change, death, rebirth. The Galactic Center is the place where time is destroyed, and space as well. Time flows 6,000,000 times more slowly at one centimeter above the surface of the event horizon of a black hole.

"This eclipse is a harbinger of galactic time, an opening into hyper-dimensions of reality. Black holes destroy time and space. The Galactic Center is the ground of our being, the heart of our Milky Way galaxy. Some see it as YHVH, the nameless source of the 'I AM' presence. The Galactic Center emits massive amounts of infrared radiation that arouses the subconscious portions of the brain and provides intense stimulation to the root chakra. This activation of the subconscious promotes the retrieval of information from the past, of this life and many other lives that interact with the self-preservation instincts of the root chakra. We are actually being cosmically stimulated and affected from the Galactic Center at all times.

"So with this eclipse, Pluto, the 'psycho pomp' guides us and helps us to see beyond the myths of the Fall to see ourselves truly as the divine messengers that we all are of God, forgiving ourselves for forgetting our divinity and knowing that we are souls playing the game of duality in this 3D Galactic Playground Center. Pluto is the grounding rod for integrating in-depth soul level transformational power. We can bravely go into the black hole's depths, our origins, and retrieve the mythologies that have blinded us unconsciously and bring that back into consciousness with the sun in Pisces, and experience galactic integration. We are all one. One galactic heartbeat. All born of the same Galactic Mother's womb."

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