Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Awakening to the Wisdom of the Fifth World

We are re-birthing ourselves in a whole/holy/healed new way, as our collective consciousness rises to a higher octave. Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, sacred site guide, author and mystic, has spent much time in the Mayan lands and shares this extraordinary missive about what's coming: Prophecy of the Fifth World. It's long but infinitely inspiring.

Here's an excerpt:

The Prophecy of the Fifth World...

The Prophecy of the Fifth World is yet to manifest. But when the ancients ones looked ahead, this is what they can share that we can understand at this time. The Four Worlds that we are moving from were all on the same level of time, space and dimension. The Fifth world is a step above previous worlds and marks an enormous transformation.

The Fifth World will be a blending and harmonization of all four worlds, but taken to a different level. These four worlds together, in a cosmic equality, will bring about a new kind of life. Mineral, plant, animal and human will be looked at as being equally alive. There will be a type of intelligent communication between each world. The ancient ones know that it is hard for us to imagine this right now.

In the Fifth World, the new life will not use other kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal) to manifest what they want or need. More over, it is a symbiotic relationship or type of cooperation between the four world life types to create what is needed. A lot of what the Fifth World will be for us, we can't conceive as yet. But as time grows closer to the unveiling the pearl of the Fifth World, the clearer it will become.

Most important…when the Human Kingdom leaves the Fourth World, it will leave the world of force behind. The four integrated worlds will enter the cosmic law of Gravitation. Gravitation is one of the laws of the Fifth World. Life will not manifest by force in order to make something happen. The new life will use gravitation or allowance for manifesting. People will not pray or affirm things into being, but instead assume it is so…and allow it to gravitate to them. This is Fifth World Alchemy. Some of you are already living this way.

There were some ancient civilizations that did live a similar form of this Fifth World for brief times upon the planet. They did this to anchor the possibility for the future of the Fifth World. It is like if you didn't know what chocolate tasted like, how could you explain it? The lands you call Atlantis (most of which is now under the sea except for Santorini in Greece, and the Bahamas in the Caribbean), the Peruvian Andes and some places in the Himalayas are some of the places the ancient ones anchored the memory or, should we say, lived the prophecy of the Fifth World. Many of you are drawn to these places for mysterious reasons. Now you know why!

They are many of you out there that this message will speak very loudly to. You are the ones that could never understand why the world is the way it is. You may have never felt at home. You also might have felt that you hid secret knowledge somewhere that you have yet to uncover. You feel soul tired. If you know this in your heart, you are one of these ancient ones who have come back from the future to this important time…you are the ones who have come back to reawaken the blueprint of the Fifth World.

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