Thursday, March 02, 2006

Retrograde Wisdom: Testing Your Water Wings

Mercury, also known as Hermes, the Winged Messenger, turns retrograde today in the water sign Pisces until 3/25. Astrologer Judith Goldberg, who penned an excellent article on retrogrades during the last one, entitled Retrogrades Without Regret, shares these words of wisdom for now:

"Pisces rules spirituality, intuition, emotion, the unconscious mind, dreams, art, music, poetry and dance. During this time be more conscious about your boundaries. Keeping a dream journal can be helpful. Your unconscious mind has messages for you. Turn on your inner ear."

Slowing down is always so key, and never more so that when walking (or dreaming) through water! My e-mail delivery time is operating as though the server has relocated to a tropical island, and I've already watched myself make an embarrassing goof this morning, trying to operate in too-linear, rational mode.

I like to think of Mercury Retrogrades as an opportunity for us to live the old Aretha Franklin song, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T", in which she sings, "Re-re-re-re..." That's what retrogrades are all about: re-vision, renew, review, remember, reclaim, my case, relocate! Judith says that as long as I'm focused on the "re" aspect (i.e., "relocate", rather than "move") I'll be an attuned traveler.

I also realized retrogrades are an auspicious time to answer e-mails, 'cause EVERY message you repond to begins, "Re:"

Blessings and reconnections,

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