Monday, March 13, 2006

Plutonic Power Eclipse: Inner Wealth Builder!

To many people, the planet Pluto, which represents sex, death and transformation, is only slightly less petrifying than the words, "Mercury Retrograde." Since we are already deep into the current retrograde (from 3/2 - 3/25), tomorrow's full lunar eclipse with Pluto smack dab in the center of our galaxy might seem to portend utter emotional chaos.

Yet it's actually a homecoming of the highest order. See my March 10th entry, All Hail the Dark Mother, and may the inspiring words of Free Will Astrology creator Rob Brezsny, in his book, Pronoia: How the Whole World is Conspiring to Shower You With Blessings, fill your chalice as it fills mine:

"In the best-known version of the Greek myth, Persephone is dragged down into the Underworld by Hades, whose title is 'Pluto'. But in earlier, pre-patriarchal tales, she descends there under her own power, actively seeking to graduate from her virginal naiveté by exploring the intriguing land of shadows.

"'Pluto' is derived from the Greek word plutus, meaning 'wealth'. Psychologist James Hillman says this refers to the psyche-building riches available in Pluto's domain. Hades, he says, is 'the giver of nourishment to the soul.'"

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