Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Color of Light

This morning I completed a new "treasure map" of words and images to help guide my soul cartography--that is, mapping my geographic Earth journey in right relation to my planetary service. To read about this concept in depth, please contact me and ask for the March issue of my e-newsletter, What Shines.

Soon afterward, I was driving through yet another of the odd rain/sun showers that have been gracing northern California lately, glanced to my right, gasped, and pulled off the road, as many other drivers were also doing. There in the sky was the first true double rainbow I've ever seen: magnificently arching into the perennial pot o' gold on both ends, with its sister rainbow appearing a yard or so higher. Between them they held a smoky blackness like the Feminine, like the inner darkness we're all releasing, like the promise of Night. I lifted my arms and began invoking blessings, joyously affirming as the droplets cascaded onto my face and clothing, "Anything is possible!"

These are the exact words I exhulted silently after completing my birthday firewalk on February 4th. Fire and water, which I've also written about often, are perfect complements: the masculine and feminine essences.

We are, quite literally, in our element. These rainbows, like the ones that appeared singularly, two hours apart, on February 28th, were in the eastern sky. Fire, sunrise, new beginnings. Let the fire and water burn cleanly that which no longer serves us, cleanse and renew us in wonder.

Here's to awe: Awakening Wonder-filled Earth!

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