Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sourcery Or Scare City?

Are you a Sourcerer or Sourceress? That is, are you able to re-source yourself from life's well? Can you be rather than do, when your essence is asking for peace? If so, you're truly living in your power--which is potent, practical magic for these transformational times.

Or are you--like many of us on life's journey--living in "Scare City"? This vivid phrase was coined by teammate Susan Pond, who says coming from a scarcity consciousness makes it sound, "like there's an actual place where people who are fearful live!"

I've personally spent a lot of time exploring Scare City, and it's edifying as well as terrifying. Finally, I made the conscious choice to do the A-Bun-Dance, or, as I've come to call it, the A-Bunny-Dance (rabbits symbolize fertility and fruitfulness), and shake, rattle, enroll into prosperity mode. In a moment of inspiration, talking with Susan, I playfully suggested we rewrite the close of America's Pledge of Allegiance, to state, "…with prosperity and abundance for all!"

I invite you to reclaim your power as a magical being. Two films that speak to personal empowerment along these lines are: The Sorceress, by Andre Michel (1955), in French with English subtitles, and Resurrection starring Ellen Burstyn, a Daniel Petrie release (1980). Both are available on video.

My response to these films, viewed when I was deep into my own awakening in the early 1990s, was visceral. If you choose to rent them, I suggest you allow yourself to enter into a still place in order to best receive the gifts.

Happy Sourcery to you!

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