Thursday, March 24, 2005

Just Another Day In Paradox

I've often written about the importance of learning to hold the "both/and", rather than an either/or perspective. Never has this ability to surrender into apparent paradox been more crucial than in the heady year 2005, as we open to greater levels of awareness and our Divinity than ever before.

Isaac George, who channels Archangels Ariel and Michael, has brought through a powerful transmission for Passion Week. Here's an excerpt from Ariel:

"In the balance of all that you are, all that you have experienced, all of your memories, and everything else that makes up what you refer to as your 'reality', it is paramount to behold the most basic of realizations. You are neither in control, nor are you out of control. It is time to redefine what you perceive as being a Master and also of being Hu-man. It is essential to collapse your identities into a single beingness, to reduce your reactive experience within the shared realities on this Planet, and it will serve you to take a fuller responsibility for accepting what you can change and also what you cannot. For instance, let us begin with 'creating your own reality', otherwise known as Cocreation.

"You feel an impulse, a desire, or simply a need. Your mind is always very busy with needs and wants. Your heart is busy with dreams and desires. Your Soul is busy with nothing, except experiencing itself in relationship to its divine blueprint and the offshoots of its creations. Your Spirit witnesses with detachment the primary directive, which is to become fully conscious on every level of Being, in every layer of form and formlessness. Simple, isn't it? You have been pushing forward into matter for eons of time, until the light of your divine memory was so dim that you could barely perceive it, and now you are pushing toward unity with All That Is as fast as you can, and you can barely wait for that singular moment of Reunion. However, you have been cocreating this design of expression, as well as living it out. Just You and It. What if it's all been OK? Could you drop the headlong rush toward the spiritual finish line (doesn't exist), and just be OK with who and where you are right now?

"Cocreating is the realm of expression, not compression. Mastery is not you mastering Life, or the Elements, or the Universe. Ultimate cocreation is letting go of control. Determining what the value of a choice is, and where it comes from IS in your control. These are the games, the very endgames of the Ego. End the Game. Life is not something you master, it is something you co-creatively participate with and EXPRESS. You CHOOSE what you wish to experience, and it will just happen, or not. After all, whose will have you asked to be done here? If there is something to master, then recognize you are here to master your self- concepts, memories and beliefs, and then dump them overboard!"

For the complete transmission, please visit the Isaac Ariel web portal

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