Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Financial Cholesterol

This brilliant juxtaposition of the fiscal and physical comes from money psychologist Maria Nemeth, Ph.D. I'm reading her book, "The Energy of Money," while I rejuvenate at Wellspring Renewal Center in verdant Mendocino County, CA. Her book is the perfect resource to have found me at this "center for the renewal of the Human Spirit," as the Wellspring brochure states. One definition of prosperity is "well being"!

Nemeth counsels that in order to become "conscious conduits of energy," we need to plug our money leaks and clean up our "money sludge". Money blocks typically take the form of old, worn-out modes of thinking that no longer apply in our lives, and/or incomplete money business: unkept financial promises such as outstanding loans and other debts, lack of appropriate savings and investments, insurance, etc.

Too much of this "financial cholesterol" clogs our fiscal arteries. Nemeth recommends taking inventory of your money status (beginning by balancing your checkbook!), and then taking "authentic action" to clear your money drain so you can become the affluent channel you desire and deserve to be.

Affluence literally means, "to flow abundance." When your pipeline's clear, money can flow in. See my article "Money, Sex and Power for more details.

Here's to your health!

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