Friday, March 11, 2005

Solar Flares and Emotional Eruptions

Been flying off the handle a bit lately? Relax. It's only ascension.

A lengthy channeling from the Ashtar Command, excerpted below, reminds us that what is happening in the Heavens, on Earth and in our own beings is all cosmic mirroring. Each of us is a Sun, carrying the Light of the Great Central Sun within us, and "being the bridge of this Light between you and the Earth, just as your solar sun is the bridge between the Central Sun and your solar sun." As above, so below.

Ashtar counsels, "As you witness the solar sun eruptions and flares, look at the other 'suns' about you and you will see these same flare-ups and eruptions taking place. As you witness this mirror effect, look below you and you will also see all kinds of erratic behavior and eruptions taking place upon the Earth.

"Ah, but I would ask you…is the planet reflecting YOUR behavior, which in turn is affecting the behavior of your solar sun, OR is it beginning at the Great Central Sun level and having a ripple effect down into the Earth? Who is mirroring whom? Well, I will tell you now that it is indeed a two-way mirror, for All is One and each reflects the Whole.

"You must keep the energy within your physical, mental and emotional bodies moving, balanced, and in a state of 'flow'. You do this through the releasing of energies which no longer serve your highest good. And we know you know this, but perhaps it is time for a little reminder, yes?

"As you do these releases, know that your actions will be mirrored by the planetary body. It is through these necessary releases, which manifest on every level, that the entire universe is rising in Light frequency back to the One.

"We ask you to see and understand these cosmic and planetary eruptions as what they truly are: the releases that are necessary for the ascension you have asked for.

"And I would hasten to add, bless also those other embodied 'suns' around you when they erupt in a less-than-pleasant outburst, knowing and understanding that they, too, are simply releasing energies which have put them out of balance due to the reflections they have been given from others. For every release, no matter how small you may deem it to be, is reflected throughout the universe for the highest good of All."

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