Monday, March 21, 2005

Health Alert: Symptoms of Your 6th Dimensional Upgrade

Now that the Paradise grid has anchored Earth in the 5th dimension, the word from our celestial counselors is, we can expand our consciousness into the 6th dimension.

Since most of us are not all that experienced in amping up the frequency so frequently, it's likely to look a little chaotic in 3D. Archangel Michael advises that if you've decided to accept the "upgrade," be prepared for some or all of the following symptoms to manifest:

* Spaciness/ungroundedness
* Feeling as though time is speeding up even more than before
* Severe migraine headaches and abdominal pain, indicative of rewiring and new meridians coming online
* Fuzzy vision
* Pain in the back of the neck
* An increasing sense of living in a dream and unreality, as in the Beatles' "Strawberry Fields"
* An increase in joy and playfulness--the 6th dimension is the Playground Dimension!
* Psychic connection to the citizens of 6D: dolphins, whales, fairies and elementals
* The "usual" clearing symptoms of dimensional shift: dizziness, diarrhea, joint pains, nausea, disorientation, disturbed sleeping patterns, exhaustion
* Increased psychic and telepathic abilities

Read the complete channeling, here: Expanding Consciousness into the 6th Dimension

And dear ones--Welcome Home!

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