Tuesday, March 08, 2005

UnWired and More Tired? How WIFI Impacts Our Health

WIFI (wireless fidelity) is a grand leap forward in portable communication. But the electromagnetic output may be overloading human circuits to the point of illness.

Here's what Phyllis Light, Ph.D., an intuitive healer and personal growth counselor, has to say about the subtle energy effects of WIFI:

"When you sit in front of a [wireless] computer and surf the Internet, you are exposing yourself to hundreds of thousands of frequencies from the computers of everyone else who is simultaneously surfing the Internet. As a result, the normal fatigue that comes from exposure to the EMFs that computers radiate is multiplied hundreds of times. After spending significant time surfing the web, a more sensitive person would probably notice increased eye pain, headaches, or fatigue--even to the point of feeling 'brain dead.'

"Normally, when you shut off your computer and walk away from it, you are no longer bombarded by this extremely intense negative energy. However, with WIFI, you are now at risk anywhere you go where the WIFI frequencies are present."

To read the complete article and learn some smart ways of shielding your energy field, click here: The Increased Subtle Energy Damage From WIFI

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