Wednesday, January 07, 2009

9 Steps to Peace: Deepak's Advice to Barack

I've long felt on a first-name basis with some of our best-known personal growth pioneers. For instance, Deepak Chopra at this point is pretty much a household name, like Kleenex, isn't he? And he has some sage advice for our grander household: the U.S., and the world community.

Here's Deepak's 9 Steps to Peace for Obama in the New Year.

It's also a potent moment to create more peace within ourselves, which then expresses as peace in the outer world. My first blog post on Architects of a New Dawn, the nascent social network founded by Santana and Jerry Jampolsky, is a call back to Ho'oponopono: Making Right With All Our Relations.

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Huna concept that encompasses the idea of forgiveness, along with a rather extraordinary premise: that by looking deeply within to correct "errors" in our own perceptions, we can heal emotional, mental, and physical dis-ease in others, since we are all expressions of the One Being.

I've written about Ho'oponopono before, both in Season of Stories and in an earlier Health, Wealth and Wisdom blog post. It's an idea, like AoAND itself, that will accelerate our evolution into warp drive.

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