Thursday, January 15, 2009

Buy a Toaster - Get a Free Bank!

I love channeled messages, because the best ones almost always contain a deep sense of humor that showcases just how amusing life on Earth really is ~ or could be.

This transmission from The Reconnections through Daniel Jacob, The Economics of Oneness, contains a take-off on banks' practice of offering new customers a minor appliance for opening an account: an FDIC "Super Coupon Savings," that entitles customers who buy a toaster to select the financial institution of their choice, complete with clip out coupons for all the major "brands"!

Further down, The Reconnections repeat the cogent point that where we put our attention is what we create:

"The Economics of Oneness is solidly built upon one precious commodity: FOCUS OF ATTENTION

Your focus of attention is the most valuable investment you can ever pay to someone or something. It is the greatest gift you can give. And it yields the greatest INTEREST than any money market account could hope to provide! This is so, whether the object in focus is a member of royalty, a baby in a carriage, or a bum on the street.

Those who truly learn how to pay proper attention will eventually be required to pay little else.

"The ability to truly listen ... and to HEAR ... is in such rare commodity these days that people will fork over almost anything to someone who does it right — someone who carries no other agenda than to be, and quietly let the world play itself out ... just as it is.

"A life of FOCUSED ATTENTION is a treasure trove unto itself. It costs very little, yet it pays tremendous much! Nowadays, it is DISTRACTIONS that eat up all your time and funds: drugs to medicate you, foods to sedate you, possessions to comfort you, and friends to convince you that you're not alone. He or she who heeds these words, and puts them into practice, now moves from darkness into light ... from bondage into freedom ... IMMEDIATELY, and with great joy!"

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