Monday, January 12, 2009

ReChoice! It's Retro Chic ...

As we glide into the first Mercury Rx of the year (I love how the symbol for retrograde is the same as the American abbreviation for prescription, as in: take 2 aspirations and follow your calling in the morning!) I rediscovered Mark Krueger, whose site I referenced back in 2005 when my blog was (k)new.

Talk about in-sight! Mark's language-ing is so metaphorically multilayered it requires reading with a multidimensional mindset to even begin to glimpse the prism of possibilities! Read In2Light's new year's message:

Happy You Year

I suggest savoring his words slowly, like fine dark chocolate, perhaps with a hint of lavender: this guy defines stream of consciousness, with an emphasis on both consciousness and streaming ...

One of my favorite permuted phrases: "These are messianic times. Messy antics."

Together, we will stream (and streamline) the dream.

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