Sunday, January 18, 2009

Emancipation Proclamation Redux

Almost 150 years after President Lincoln signed the document that ended slavery in one fell swoop, we stand on the threshold of a fuller freedom, as our first hybrid president, who understands viscerally what it means to be both black and white, reaches beyond human-contrived barriers to unite us as a global people under Love's umbrella: a true Aquarian Age leader.

The world has responded with such an outpouring of joy to Brarack Obama's election because he is the archetypal symbol of our collective future: an integrated confluence of all the seemingly disparate parts of ourselves, cohering as cells in the body of the Great Mother, just as the cells of our own bodies do to create the remarkable being each of us takes for granted. As above, so below. Knowing our own wholeness, holiness, healing (which all derive from the same root word) can we strive for any less for our beloved home?

How fitting that we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday the day prior to the presidential inauguration. King stood for the same ideals Obama espouses, and died for them. But this is a new moment, and we have evolved beyond the need to kill what we disagree with or dislike. We would not dream of cutting off our toe or ear because we didn't like it. Our brothers and sisters may look, think, worship and behave differently than us ~ and perhaps that is the very intent of Creation: diversity as a vehicle in service to our growth. It's easy to embrace that which you know, that which is like you. To allow difference and strangeness takes courage ("of the heart"). Forbearance. Strength. Faith. Love.

We're getting there.

This is a global holy week. Celebrate. Commemorate. Reflect. Renew. Reimagine.

∞ Welcome Home ∞

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