Saturday, January 03, 2009

Architects of A New Dawn

Is this the year when instant manifestation and telepathy really take off for humanity?

In my January newsletter, Intermezzo, I write about the necessity of becoming social artists (Jean Houston coined this evocative term) and architects of a new world. A scant 12 hours after sending the newsletter out, I received an invitation to join a social network being stewarded by global visionary Carlos Santana: Architects of A New Dawn.

Perhaps even more synchronous: Santana's worldwide 2008 tour was called Live Your Light!

And then last night, after signing on with AofAND, I had a dream.

It was what indigenous peoples call a Big Dream; similar to one I had almost a decade ago. A great number of us were gathering in what looked like a gigantic cafeteria, moving among tables in something akin to a spiral dance. Each move appeared to signal an elevation in consciousness as well as connection, so that after awhile I was seeing people from all phases of my life along with those I'd never had access to before: world leaders, famous musicians and performers, and countless others. Yet there was zero sense of awe; it was more a joyous recognition ("to know again"), a homecoming for us all. I've said for years that the Internet is the great leveler, and now, Architects of a New Dawn gives us a platform for realizing this truth.

We are the architects of a new world age. I invite you to "come unfurl at the cusp of possibility!"

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