Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Need A Miracle?

Whenever people ask me about my spiritual path and what teacher or guru has guided me, I tell them, "I just dial direct." Which sort of dates me, as dialing is as passé as turntables and vinyl records. Nevertheless, you take my meaning.

All paths to greater wisdom and awareness are valid and viable. I've studied and trained with many fine teachers who've helped trigger my own remembering. But I did not evolve through any specific lineage, nor do I subscribe to any doctrine. I access what I hold as true from Source, and that's what "dial direct" refers to.

Patricia Cota-Robles, a longtime guide for the journey, affirms with her latest alert that we're all capable of this direct connection now. We always have been, though we may not have believed we were. It's a little like Dorothy realizing the power to go home was with her all the time. We're each wearing the ruby slippers, and boy, are they powerful!

Here's Patti's latest on the 5th dimensional frequencies, and how to use the Violet Flame for accessing your Divine Potential:

You Can be the Difference!

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