Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fear to Love: A Subtle Shift

The great changes we make in our lives are really small shifts in perception:

nowhere to now here
scared to sacred
density to destiny

Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office three-quarters of a century ago in the U.S., during economic times more dire than what we experience today. And in his first inaugural address, he counseled the people not to give in to dread: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Fear, like disease, is insidious; yet consciously and continually elevating our thoughts can turn the tide, so that the most challenging circumstances need not cause alarm; this is what's meant by being centered.

The day of the inauguration (was it really yesterday? Time is moving so strangely now, it could have been weeks ago ...) I remarked joyfully to some people in my local mail center about how Obama will be a president to set precedent; he can't be "canned", as evinced by his and Michelle's decision to walk a while on the parade route, ahead of schedule. To my amazement, the people I spoke with responded with fear: "He must have been wearing bullet-proof clothes!" and even, "I was hoping he'd actually get to take the oath."

Certainly there are factions who wish to undermine our ascent; yet, this is truly a new moment. Metaphysically speaking, it would not serve us for Barack Obama to be assassinated; Lincoln, JFK, RFK, MLK and others have already sacrificed their lives for evolution. While it always pays to be prudent, and while I imagine the Secret Service protection is formidable, I have full faith that he is protected by virtue of his role as Lightworker and global bridge builder.

We can support President Obama and his mission best by being in a state of love and faith as often as possible, and holding him, his family, and his team in this same Light.

Subtle shifts are extremely powerful. We can choose again in every moment. ReChoice. And rejoice.
Blessed Be.


jacquelyn said...

In the commentary I listened to as the Obama's walked yesterday, it was said that he is so confident of the skills and protection offered by secret service, that he is able to relax, attend and focus on the moment, turning over to his team all concerns for his safety.

Amara Rose said...

Thanks, Jacquelyn! Yes, we can all emulate Obama's own faith and focus our energies on the larger issues ...